Thursday, November 26, 2009

Najib gagal dalam lawatan rasmi ke US

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Prime Minister Najib Razak was in Washington DC today, busy eating nasi lemak and mee goreng as Bernama proudly reports. No mention of meetings with State Department, on Capitol Hill, with the White House, or any think tanks.

Instead he bragged about 1Malaysia to the choir of Malaysians who have already heard it so many times. He also offered some comments on Malaysia’s economy, which according to a recent report is failing to make much progress these days.

What is the point of a 20 million dollar contract with APCO if our prime minister cannot even get a manufactured speaking slot at the National Press Club? We’re not even talking about Brookings or SAIS where one has to have something meaningful to say to be invited. Anyone can speak at the Press Club so long as they can afford the cost of organising the function. Does the concept of 1World not carry much weight in the halls of international diplomacy or in the most powerful city in the world? I guess not.

I think taxpayers should demand to know why, after spending that much money on a DC lobby our prime minister cannot even get an interview on the local news.

On Anwar Ibrahim’s recent trip to the United States, in just a few days he held events at Brookings, SAIS (even our US Ambassador attended the function),Georgetown and the Council on Foreign Relations. He met with officials from the House foreign relations committee, the Senate Foreign relations committee, the state department and the White House. His visit covered in the media including the Wall Street Journal, Far Eastern Economic Review and theWashington Post (but not Bernama), Saudi television and ABS-CBN from Manila.

Does the Prime Minister’s flimsy schedule have anything to do with the scandal that just won’t go away? Not PKFZ. Not the Bukit Antarabangsa slide. Not the collapsed bridge. None other than the Mongolian who we cannot talk about. And in the time it took me to write this, how many new designer bags did the Prime Minister’s wife purchase

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** Nampaknya PM Najib hanya mampu bercakap di hadapan rakyat Malaysia dan tidak mampu untuk bertemu wakil dari White House, Capitol Hill ,pengurus dan dan pelabur asing US dan oleh itu apakah maknanya permergian Najib ke US tersebut jika hanya mahu bercakap 1Msia dihadapan rakyat Malaysia ?sepatutnya sebagai lawatan rasmi, Najib perlu ditemubual wakil media di sana dan berucap dengan warga pelabur di sana untuk masa depan Malaysia berkaitan pelaburan asing.

Justeru itu, perlantikan APCO (konsultan yahudi) sebagai penasihat 1Malaysia kepada kerajaan Malaysia dengan bayaran RM20juta ternyata gagal untuk mempromosikan PM dan Msia kepada dunia luar berasaskan kepada kegagalan menarik wakil media US sempena lawatan rasmi Najib ke US.


me2baby said...

So true!!

MyVirtuous said...

Media US pun tak layan Najib kat situ....

Takde nilai rupanye PM kita ni... Media antarabangsa pun buat tak tau...


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