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Saiful "balun @ rembat " awek Pendakwaraya kes Sodomi Part 2

Sumpah2 ni belakang kira la, rembat & balun tu wajib !..haaha

RPK from Malaysia Today

In ‘The real dalang behind the Anwar sodomy allegation’ I wrote:

Firstly, Saiful met Najib before the so-called sodomy took place. No doubt, at first, Najib denied meeting him and then later admitted meeting him but explained that it was for purposes of career guidance and to help the young man obtain a scholarship. Later on, Najib confessed he met Saiful to discuss the sodomy allegation against Anwar. This flip-flopping and inconsistency -- denial and then confessing only when it appeared like he could no longer deny it -- makes Najib appear like he is lying and therefore is trying to cover up an evil deed.

Now, the day after Saiful met Najib, he met Rodwan in room 619 of the Kuala Lumpur Concorde. Najib did not know this of course. Prior to that meeting, Rodwan and Saiful spoke over the phone at least eight times. We can only assume that part of this conversation involved asking Saiful to go meet Najib and to make sure that everyone knows about it so that the conspiracy points to Najib. The fact that Saiful brought a friend along only reinforces this assumption, especially when this friend is aligned to Anwar Ibrahim.

(Read more here)

Saiful Bukhari and his fiancé, Janna Mohd Zaki

Okay, those are excerpts from the three articles. And the argument that I am putting forward is that the Sodomy 2 allegation, just like Sodomy 1, is a fabrication and part of a political conspiracy to neutralise Anwar.

But this is old news, you might say, you want to hear something new.

Okay, how about this then?

Farah Azlina Binti Latif, one of the Federal Counsels of the Trial Unit of the Attorney-General’s Chambers who is on the prosecution team in the Anwar Ibrahim Sodomy 2 trial, is having an affair with Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan.

Yes, that’s right, Farah Azlina is bonking Saiful Bukhari. Have you ever heard of any other case anywhere else in the world where one of the prosecutors in bonking the key witness in what can be considered the most important trial in Malaysian political history?

Just when you thought Sodomy 2 is a most bizarre case it gets even more bizarre. I suppose, to save face, they might now have to say that Farah Azlina, Saiful Bukhari and Anwar Ibrahim were all in it together and that they indulged in group sex or orgies.

Let’s see what happens from hereon. Will Farah Azlina still be retained in the prosecution team? Who she bonks is her business. But since Saiful Bukhari is the man who is going to testify against Anwar, then this would be conflict of interest of the first degree.

Comment from Hanipa Maidin

The latest revelation by top blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin that one of the Federal Counsel in the prosecuting team was having an affair with sodomy complainant Saiful Bukhari Azlan only adds to the lack of credibility and integrity surrounding the trial against Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim. “If true, it makes a laughing stock of our judiciary system and shows how little respect for form and ethics our prosecutors have,” PAS legal advisor Hanipa Maidin told Malaysia Chronicle.

“Technically, there is nothing illegal for the lady to have a sexual relationship with Saiful, but ethically, there is a serious conflict of interest. Just like a doctor having sex with his patient or a teacher with a student.”

Wah Wah...

Ini berita PANAS....Jubok Saiful ada affair dengan Loyar Kem Gani Patail..

Cun ka awek loyar ni....sampai ada affair.. bhs org putih...

Melayu Penang & Kedah kata BALUN..

Melayu Slgr KL kata Rembat ...

Ini sudah hebat kena LIWAT...dapat 'affair ' dengan Loyar...

Apa kelas dengan minah JANAA ni..walaupun cun juga...hahaha

Mak Bapak mana la boleh terima anak daranya boleh ada AFFAIR dengan yang EKSOS sudah kong...

Dari sudut itu mampuih pi hampa la...nk affair atau tak ...BALUN ka, ,,rembat Ka..Romantik ka...

Tapi dari segi ETIKA.. ini sudah ada Conflict of Interest..!

Badan kehakiman malaysia akan jadi bahan JenAKA....

confirm Zunar akan terus bagi rakyat Malaysia ketawa puas2.....dengan sistem perundangan rimba ini...

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