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Fakta kes kematian misteri Teoh

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The following writing is done based on assessment of various images and writings on the mainstream media (MSM) as well as the online media. I am trying to understand the tragedy that took place at Plaza Masalam. It would be great if I have access to MACC office and location where the body was found but without such access, readers can expect some gross margin of error in my writing. Do let me know what the errors are so that we can come to a clear conclusion on what transpired.

2. It was reported that Teoh Beng Hock (TBH) was supposedly to register his marriage on the 16th July 2009 at the registrar of marriage. He was already married (via traditional marriage ceremony) and his wife is pregnant. Is there a problem at home that is so gravely torturing that would force TBH to take his own life? My reading so far showed that there is no grave problem at the home front.

3. He was at MACC office between the 15th (500 pm) and the 16th July 2009 (600am). The MACC office is at Plaza Masalam. He drove to the building. How is that no one heard anything or sound of a screaming man between 600 am to 130pm when his body was found. Plaza Masalam is a busy area. The Concorde hotel is next door. Many government offices are in that building and surprisingly no one heard anything? This raises several questions?

4. The first, could it be that he did not fall between 600 am to 130 pm on 16th July 2007 but much earlier than that? In other words he could have died while he was in MACC office itself. No documented evidence so far to indicate that he was heard screaming, could it be that at the exact moment he “fell from height”, he was actually unconscious?

5. Dato Mohd Shukri Abdul claims that there was no CCTV in the MACC office. This can be taken at face value.

6. However I have been to Plaza Masalam on several occasions visiting the Jabatan Ukur office which is located on the 17th floor. Based on my experience, I need to register at the guard post before entering the lift which is located on the 5th Floor (or 4th floor) and if I am not mistaken; the building management has a CCTV around the building? So far no one has come forward to explain about his official arrival and departure time based on evidence.

7. Based on pictures on the nut graph blog, it shows 3 ladies peeping out trough the small window on one of the floor of Plaza Masalam. The ladies are beautiful but on closer look, we can appreciate that the window opening is rather small. It would not be easy for anyone to climb out via such a small opening. The base of the window would be about 4 to 5 feet from the floor. It would not be easy for a small man like TBH to climb out unless he stands on something. The only other possibility is that he could have been lifted into the window. His small body could “scrape thorough” the window opening if push forcefully.

8. On Malaysiakini, there is a photo of TBH lying motionless on the roof of a building. Closer look at the pictures shows a few important clues. Among others, these include the dry blood from the body near the head area which seems to have drained towards where the policeman was standing.

9. The Forensic team can make an estimate the time of death based on the body and the condition of the blood. The small volume of blood certainly draws suspicion on whether he had died before the fall or upon impact. If he was alive at the point of impact, there would be large volume of blood on the floor (provided that there is no intrathoracic or intraabdominal bleeding) oozing from the open wound.

10. The second item of concern is that his body posture is lying on his right side. Why not face down? A man that is conscious at the time of his fall is most likely to fall on his face flat down or his back if he is being pushed through a window. If he had jumped I would expect that he would have ended leg first. The pictures are not conclusive enough to indicate any lower limb fractures. Post mortem would be able to shed some light.

11. The third item being is his torn pants at the buttock area. Why is torn? It appears as if the pants were hooked to something at the time of fall and that is why it is torn in such a manner. A fall per se unlikely to cause this kind of damage on his clothing?

12. Could it have been hooked on the window lock at the base of the window? Looking at those gruesome photos suggest that someone (or two) lifted his unconscious body and tried to push through the windows and this is when the pants could have hooked up on the window locked.

13. The forth item are the 3 pieces of bricks that lies to the side of TBH. It is not certain if the bricks were there coincidently or it is related to the incident. Are there such similar bricks in the MACC office being used as a base of a flower pots or for other purpose? This can only be answered by the police in their course of their investigations.

14. Without the floor plan of the MACC building and the location of the body, it is hard to determine the trajectory of the fall. The press has been quick to point to the fact that he had fell from the 14th floor. I am not sure on what basis they had come to this conclusion.

15. If he fell through one of the windows, there are bound to be tell-tale signs of signs at the windows and on the side of the building. The options on the possible causes of the incident are rather limited and suicide is the weakest possibility among all.

16. We have to wait for the outcome of the police investigations. Sadly, the public perception on the RMP is at the esteem low in 2009. The public has already an expectation on the outcome of the incident and if the police cannot provide adequate evidence to support any of their theories, my gut feeling tells me that the people will not be satisfied and the police will continue to lose the confidence of the public. The image of the RMP will go down further.

17. The possibility of TBH died during interrogation cannot be ruled out. Based on the limited information, there are signs that suggest that he might have died during custody and his body was disposed via a fall. More evidence will surface soon, I am confident that those that is involved will be caught and punished.

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